Smyrna Short Sales Update

Posted on 16 February 2011 by Aaron Hofmann

Interested in the Smyrna Short Sale market? Keep in mind that short sales are distressed properties, homes that are effectively pre-foreclosure. The seller’s goal in a Smyrna short sale is to sell the property prior to being foreclosed, which allows them more control of the process, less damage to their credit and less long-term effects. The bank’s goal is to minimize their losses by doing the short sale. A short sale is a win-win for both parties

Here’s a quick update for January for Smyrna Short Sales. In January, there were three Smyrna homes that were sold as short sales. There are currently 32 single family homes for sale and an additional 14 that are pending lender review.

There was one Smyrna condo that was sold in January as a short sale. There are currently 27 Smyrna townhomes and condos that are for sale as potential short sales and an additional 6 condos and townhomes that are pending lender review.

Click here for the current Smyrna Short Sales available and contact us if you are a seller who is behind in their mortgage payments or a buyer who is interested in purchasing a Smyrna short sale.

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